Memorable quotes, inside jokes and everything in between.

So… funny story…

Who called my name?

What is my name?

My name is Sana not Sauna

Sana, like the Sun with an a at the end

“Can you IM someone to let me in, I forgot my badge”

But here’s the thing…

I only drink Pepsi here and not at home

Come see me

Why are you telling me this?

Really? Really, did you just say that?

Why aren’t you at your desk?

Do you know where your desk is?

Do you need me to walk you back to your desk?

As much as I don’t want to agree with him, he’s right.

As long as I don’t see it

Wait until I walk away

We have Switzerland over here

I’ve contacted DHS

Let me look into it…

I’ve made IT aware…

Let me tell you about my Mom

Let me tell you about my Dad

Good Job

And croissant in the console

Left twix today or right twix

Okay okay okay okay

You know what?

What are your numbers?

Give me a minute

Where are we at with…

That is up for debate

Good luck getting that approved

Everyone is dismissed but you need to stay after.

What now?

Explain your reasoning?

Try Again

How old are you?

Let’s see how far that takes you.

Where are we are with…

How is this my fault?

Let’s see what your supervisor has to say about this

Why are you like this?

Y’all going to throw a party Saturday after I’m gone-1/9/2020