Kind Words

“Sana is responsible, logical and intelligent well beyond her years.  She is motivated to serve and support others, and to give back to the community with empathy and understanding.  Her constant focus on quality improvement has not only advanced service delivery, but influenced a quality culture.  Her laughter, positivity and spirit are irreplaceable.

I will miss Sana walking into my office, pointing at me, saying nothing, then walking out.”

تمہاری کامیابی کیلئے نیک تمنا     

Katherine Kasabuske

“Sana, Your knowledge and compassion for the job we do and the people we serve is unmatched. Your dedication to the IRIS program is truly respected and appreciated. Although you are not going to be here with us at iLIFE anymore, I know you will carry this same passion into your new role with FPCC. This is not a good bye, but a see you again soon! Don’t be a stranger!”


“Your smile and witty sense of humor always brightened the day.  Your patience coupled with ability to connect and empathize with others has touched the lives of many people at iLIFE.  We will miss you dearly and wish you only the best, as it is what you deserve.”


“Sana, ARE YOU ON BREAK? Congratulations !”


“Girl, bye”


“I trained you, you’re welcome”


“Thank you for your inspiration to make the Squirrel Board 😀 (just kidding (kind of)). It was a pleasure working with you given your dedication to ensuring that everyone impacted by iLIFE’s services were thoroughly considered and informed. Although I will miss your thoughtfulness and wit, First Persons is gaining a valuable employee that will greatly improve the quality and structure of the program. “

Rachel Messenger

“Switzerland will no longer acknowledge you at Target but will text the rest of the world that you are at Target. Switzerland is neutral about your leave but wishes you the best.”


“Sana is an awesome and easy person to work with. She takes her work very seriously but doesn’t allow that to make her take herself too seriously. She’s well balanced and gets buy in from her team because of this. True leader. ”


Casey Wheeler

” Thanks Sana for being a AMAZING supervisor. You are exceptional and one of a kind. You are and always will be what a people need as a example of upper management. Beside that you are amazing, thoughtful, a great listener and have a great soul. I will miss you dearly as my supervisor but I know we will always be in contact. I wish you the best of luck with your future endeavors.”


“Sana, you were a great supervisor to us all. You accepted my strengths and knew my weaknesses. Even though I was one of the quietest person on your team, you still tried to include me in events and conversations. I wish nothing but the best in your new position. I know you will make that department awesome. I will truly miss you.”


“Sana, What a pleasure it was to have you interview me alongside Selwin and Zack because those two are SO nonchalant and you stood out, happy and chipper as you always are! You were a great supervisor ….. while I had you then you just went ghost on me. But nonetheless your an amazing woman and I wish you all the best and more! You deserve all that life has to offer and you better take it!!!”

Always, Jonaye Neal

” It was a pleasure to work with you”


“Sana! I will miss endlessly rescheduling our meetings! Congratulations, and best of luck! 😉 “

Jennifer Silva

“Sana, congrats on your new position even so I’m sad your leaving because I won’t hear your stories anymore about your family. Your stories are really funny especially when you use an accent. Thank you again for taking me home when I was not feeling well.”

Your friend and best wishes, Melanie Schaefer

“Sana – it was awesome working with you for the past 2 years.  I am sad to see you go to the other building, but happy I can still message you with my complaints!!  I will send Dylan your way with all necessary questions so you don’t forget him!  Make sure to take your stuffed cat to your new office, I would hate for you to get home sick.  Lots of love & hugs & all the mushy stuff. “



“You are one hell of a supervisor, friend, and all around human being!

Thank you so much for always being caring , compassionate, and a driving force for this office and team! Without you, we’d all be lost.

We will miss you so much, but we know that you are meant for something bigger.

This isn’t a good-bye,  this is a “see ya later!”

Jennifer Schutz

“I came to talk to my supervisor, NOT YOU”

“Best Wishes”


“If you thought I was going to say some nice words to you, then you are sorely mistaken. I probably stayed up all night working on this and tomorrow I will be grumpy, sore and drained. The amount of panic attacks and stress you’ve caused me is ridiculous. But honestly, I would deal with it all over again if I had the chance. You’re a great supervisor and one of the best humans I know.”

“P.S. You better cry on your last day.”


“Congratulations on your new position and I wish you the best of luck”